“Astraea” is the debut fine jewellery collection by Tanja Ludyga, inspired the clear night skies in Crete, and the star-inspired sketches, paintings and sculptures by modern artists such as Miro, Calder, Kandinsky & Picasso. German-born Tanja lives and works in Crete and creates her pieces for clients she meets during the long Summer months on the island. With a background in the art world, and a close relationship with her customers, Tanja is able to use her eye for design to create unique pieces for independent modern women which are striking yet ultimately desirable.

All pieces are hand crafted in Greece. Chosen for their natural beauty, simplicity, and modern shades, the pieces are made from 14k gold with a range of delicate naturally coloured brown diamonds and J-H VS2 quality diamonds. Recognised for their distinctive beauty, Tanja Ludyga pieces have also been featured in Elle, Gynaika and Minoan magazines.